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Zadul's gaming corner

I am a bit older and with almost 50 years of age I managed to keep the joy of "gaming". That's why I would like to post a few things on the topics of gaming, consoles, etc.

And that from the perspective of an "old white man" who occasionally plays games a little on the Playstation or the PC (mac to be exact). Also a few retro games - back to the roots.

When I got my first computer in the mid-80s of the last millennium, the games were still in their infancy. Nevertheless, I spent a lot of time on the C64 (and later also on the Amiga) - and the color scheme of this blog is also a little similar to the coloers the C64.

So we will mainly deal with the following topics here:

  • Consoles and games (PS4 / PS5 hopefully at some point)
  • Gambling on the Mac
  • Retro games.

I am not a huge fan of mobile games, but maybe there will be one or the other mentioned here.

which is more or less my plan, what exactly will come of this remains to be seen.