Gamtest: The Surge


date: 2017-06-06 23:50:28

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Created by: Stephan Bösebeck

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Gamtest: The Surge

This will now be the first test of a new category for which I haven't come up with a really great name. Since I play a game on the PS4 or anywhere else, I would like to add my mustard here. That's always my personal opinion and I bought the game too and I'm not paid for anything or anything. today: [The Surge] (


Well, there isn't really much story. You start in a wheelchair and arrive at a company complex by subway. Then there are a lot of monitors there, you learn that the company are the "good guys" and that you really only want to save the world. Then you report to reception and you can choose an exoskeleton there. Aha, you think to yourself, "cool, he can leave again" and that is probably the protagonist's motivation. And that's pretty much the only thing you get to know. A very strange machine then puts the exoskeleton on you, and this is an extremely painful procedure (you can see screws being screwed into the body and so on).

Unfortunately, this stupid computer probably forgot to numb us ... At some point you faint ... Then you wake up again in a kind of garbage dump and find "happily" that you can walk. And already you deal with the first "bad guys". Robot drones gone mad. The game only allows one direction at a time and at some point you come to a service station where you can upgrade your exoskeleton or build expansions / weapons for it. There is also a hologram from a woman that tells us so much that we have to leave and go back to the main complex ... Otherwise the lady is also clueless .. Well, good. And then it will be fun, because now you are no longer only approached by small, annoying flying drones, but rather a kind of "zombies in the exoskeleton". So guys who are probably more or less dead, their exoskeleton but somehow became self-employed. And that's exactly what it is, every technology has become independent. But why is not explained to you ...


The gameplay is kind of strange. At the beginning there are scriptures around the room that explain how the game works. Difficult is not R1 for a side attack (fast),R2 for a blow from above. L1 to block. yes, and then you get "scrap metal" for every finished opponent, which you can use together with other raw materials in the service station for upgrades. All well and good, only when you die do you end up without your scrap metal in the service station. You have to go back to where you left off to collect it again. A bit annoying, since all opponents on the way come back to life ... But that is also a core element (at least for the part that I've played so far) - you try to do something in this area to level up the same journeyman again and again to the point where you can take on the bosses. You can not only level yourself up, but also your weapons. And you can level up your ability to use this weapon. If you get more skills, you can strike faster or do nicer and longer combos. To level up, you need resources such as scrap metal and any precious metals as well as building plans for expansion. These blueprints are obtained by cutting off the corresponding part of an opponent's body. This is not only bloody but also has other advantages to making such a "finishing move". It can be that you gain life energy or something else. In general, one of the most important bars is the endurance bar.

If it is at 0, you can no longer carry out an attack and you stand around more or less motionless. If you block, stamina does not regenerate ... a vicious circle: smirk: The level of difficulty is extreme. It's really tough, if you're not careful, you'll be history in one fell swoop. And that can happen to you with opponents who you have previously flattened with "left". The "bosses" or just the bigger machines that are standing around everywhere and make life difficult are super awesome. With them it is mostly really like this: a mistake => you are dead! Amazingly, it all works somehow.

You want to know what's going on there. You keep repeating the same corner over and over again (similar to the movie Edge of Tomorrow) until you finally get further. Then is happy like a schnitzel and starts over there. The motivation is based on "it has to work somehow" - and it usually works somehow. Even if you feel like dying 100 times in the same place. Still, it's kind of strange because you don't get anything explained. At some point you perform a combo because you are panicking on the R keys hammered around. I don't know how you did that, but that's exactly what you do again. And often it works too. I would like a little more explanation and every new level upgrade in the handling of a weapon apparently brings new skills / combos with it, so that one is often amazed at what one is doing again right now.


The game has a long playing time not because of the depth of the gameplay or because the story is so great, but because it is simply tough! You often think to yourself that this is impossible and you just want to throw the thing somewhere in anger (what doesn't work, is downloaded) That reminds you a lot of the good old gaming days, when some controllers flew somewhere because you just got stuck. Fortunately, there were cables connected back then, which severely limited the flight distance: smirk: Well, if someone likes to beat up robot zombies with a rough ladle, but not before If you shy away from a high level of difficulty with an extreme learning curve, you should get the game. For casual gamers who just want to be entertained with a good story and want to let out the whipping pig in between, that's nothing! They should keep their hands off it and go for [God of War] ( (and set it to "easy": smirk :)

grades (1 is best, 6 is worst):

Graphics:2-(not really great, but not bad either. The animations are dok but the finishing moves are a little exaggerated
Story:4just enough ... is not important either - Kloppe is more important
Gameplay:2has its problems (see above)
Degree of difficulty:extremeone has to like it
duration of treatment:very longsince you keep doing the same thing, it may seem longer to you
long-term motivation:2amazing high

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