Best Games der letzten Jahre Teil I - Auf dem Mac


date: 2021-02-12 12:39:20

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Best Games der letzten Jahre Teil I - Auf dem Mac

So that you can also get an idea of ​​which games inspire me so much, here is my personal list of the IMHO best games of 2014 - 2020 ... at least I played the games during this time, some of them have certainly appeared before ... and it shows that geming on Mac is in deed possible! emoji github:smirk

On the Mac

7 Days to die

Super cool horde survival game. The setting: you wake up naked and the world is populated only by zombies. Now it's time to build tools, a shelter etc ... Oh yes, and you have to eat too. And drink. So you are busy from the first second. And when you have a bow and arrow, you can defend yourself ... later you find or buy firearms - and then it goes around.

you have 7 days, then the first horde comes, so you should be prepared until then ...

And when you have survived this horde, then 7 days later, another horde ... but bigger. And so on.

You can build so much there, with fences, walls etc. set up traps with stakes, self-shooting systems or other things. There are no limits to the (sick) imagination.

available on Steamaber auch für PS4 oder X-Box, runs natively on the mac

Subnautica / Subnautica: below zero

These are actually 2 games that are not entirely dissimilar to "7 days to die". But here you have a lot more story.

The story is pretty similar in both cases: Either you crash a spaceship on an unknown water planet, or you are on the planet to explore it, but due to a catastrophe you cannot return to your ship.

All in all a very exciting story about a bygone civilization, alien technologies and an incredible number of fish / water species to be explored.

But here too: you have to collect resources to build tools / vehicles and shelter etc. Gotta find food and water. And clear up the mystery of the strange artifacts and the previous inhabitants. And why did our spaceship crash in the first part?

I spent a lot of time in both games and I can only warmly recommend it to everyone.

Steam Subnautica and Steam subnautica: below zero: both run natively on MacOS

also available for PS4, or both parts in a bundle for the Switch

Dead Cells

Rogue like platformer with Hack'n'Slay game mechanics. That's about it, the story is easy to explain. You are actually dead, but you should free the world from evil. And get another chance ... or more. Because when you die, everything goes "bust" and you start over.

Then everything looks a little different. Some bonuses can be earned permanently, then you start with more life energy, stronger armor / defense or even better weapons ...

And then you run off and try to get as far as you can ... and then again ... and again ... and again ... and each run is somehow different.

Steam, ps4


Hades is basically the same as Dead Cells. Just with a little more story. You play the son of Hades who has trouble with Daddy and tries to leave the underworld. Dad is anything but enthusiastic about it and doesn't make it easy for you. So on the way you have to get rid of all kinds of demon infestations etc.

It is also a rogue-like game here, but less of a platform. You don't jump around, you "only" have to flatten your opponent. Here, too, you start all over again and lose everything and objects that you have accumulated. Only the experience points are retained, and you can then invest them in improving your weapons, certain skills, etc.

Because the dungeon changes with every game and you have to solve something like "puzzles" in between, it is quite varied with a high replay value.

(Steam)[] - runs natively on MacOS

Space Crew

A funny indie game in which you take control of a spaceship team that sets off into "Infinite Wideness" in order to ... oh, you know that: smirk: The game doesn't take itself very seriously, it also has very cute graphics and can really be played "just like that" in between.

A nice little pastime that requires a little tactic. If you are on the way with the spaceship to complete missions, you can give each crew member separate commands. You learn and can eventually rise in rank. Mainly the evil aliens lurk along the way as driven. who have to keep their distance and if they manage to get on board, then they have to go back down.

Damage limitation is also a must - fire on board is not good ... you could deflate it and the fire would be out. But also everyone who is still in the room ... hmmm ... difficult decision. It's hard to earn money between missions Use remuneration for upgrades of the spaceship or invest in accessories. You can also continue to train the crew, equip them better or hire new crew members. All in all a funny space adventure for casual gamers.

available at Steam

Oxygen not included

Take the Sims, pack them in a spaceship and send them into space ... but alone, without help. Into the interior of an alien planet. In caves.

There you can dig, find resources that you use to build things, etc.

That is exactly what "Oxytes not included" is. And the game is really funny, funny comic style paired with funny ideas.

Here you can spend an infinite amount of time expanding your station, "cloning" new members and capturing pets.

If you enjoy such simulations, with a lot of humor and endless possibilities, you should take a closer look.

Available on Steam and also runs on MacOs.

Life is strange

A very funny way to tell the story of a young girl who has the ability to turn back time a little to rethink her decisions. However, their decisions also have long-term consequences that cannot be reversed.

That's the exciting thing here, how the characters develop, depending on which decision you make.

Short but intense adventure with interesting twists.

Episode 1 is available for free on Steam. Definitely worth a look.

And a spin off is also available called "Live is strange: before the Storm"

XCom 2

I also "wasted" a lot of time here. Turn-based strategy games aren't always really good, but the way this is solved is really great. The game is about aliens attacking the world and must be fought specifically.

So you have to go with your reaction force to kill the aliens or at least push them back if there are known sightings. In the end you have a group of 4 soldiers or specialists who have to complete a mission. Each of the soldiers is given a command in their turn, which they then carry out. And the opponent does the same. Depending on the command, there is then shooting, or hide in cover, someone supports, etc. Since you only see what the soldiers see, you have to rely on tactical action.

If you have successfully completed the mission, you get resources that you can use back in the base, e.g. for research, which then leads to new equipment for his soldiers. Very tactical game, very entertaining and really worth recommending.

available on Steam - runs natively on MacOS

Tales from the Borderlands

This is a tellale game that takes the Borderlands universe and tells you an interesting story. Here, too, Handsome Jack appears again, which is hard to believe, since he should actually be dead (spoiler): smirk:

Other old friends like ClapTrap are also involved.

Very funny game, where the gameplay is less in the foreground. It's more of a story to be told.

Steam - unfortunately no longer runs natively on MacOS since Catalina