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Ergodox EZ vs Kinesis Freestyle Edge RGB Gaming

I'm a big fan of the Ergodox EZ keyboard and have already written a hymn of praise here. I type a lot, in my free time (e.g. here) or at work. Since I actually spend 75% of my ...


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tags: mechanical keyboards - Ergodox EZ

creator Stephan Bösebeck 2020-03-21

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Gamtest: The Surge

This will now be the first test of a new category for which I haven't come up with a really great name. Since I play a game on the PS4 or anywhere else, I would like to add my mustard here. That's always my personal opinion and I bought the game


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tags: Playstation4 - console - test - Games

creator Stephan Bösebeck 2017-06-06

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